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The Chilean mine “accident” was a planned freemasonic ritual

SAN JOSE MINE, Chile — The 33 Chilean miners were pinned nearly a half-mile underground by 700,000 tons of rock. On the day of the disaster, rescued miner, Mario Gomez, recalled feeling “strong explosions” in the shafts surrounding him and started panicking. Was it a “controlled explosion”- like the 9/11 controlled demolitions?

To know further on the freemasonry ritual act of the Chilean mine “disaster“, Grace Powers has done a good job on it. Please read it!!

After these miners were “rescued” out of the mine, they had put on t-shirts which looked like this:

Words in pentagram: "In his hand are the depths of the earth; the heights of the mountains are his also". Ps 95:4

Here’s the problem. This t-shirt is a Campus Crusade for Christ t-shirt. So you may think it’s glorifying God, right? Well which “god” exactly is being glorified? The upside down star, the pentagram, is clearly an occult symbol! Everybody knows that, or should know that! (If you think I’m exaggerating, please feed in ‘pentagram’ in Google Images.) 

So having said that, I’m assured that the Bible verse quoted within the pentagram on the t-shirt is in fact not the God of the Lord Jesus Christ, but instead Lucifer whom the freemasons worship. Plus there’s too much symbolism invovled to push this off as a coincidental disaster!

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