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Youth With A (Illuminati) Mission

“Youth With A Mission,” the global religious group that cooked up the hoax “The Path to 9/11,” a docudrama aired on ABC Sept. 10-11, is, underneath its public cover, the organization created in the 1920s-1930s by the notorious pro-Nazi Frank Buchman. Above cover, it was known during and after World War II as Moral Rearmament, and also as the National Prayer Breakfast Movement or “The Fellowship” or “The Family.”[1]

This imperial agency was crafted by the British and Dutch royal and financier faction that backed fascism and sought a world government in tandem with Hitler. After the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, the Buchman initiative was based at Caux, Switzerland, on Lake Geneva, and was inserted into Washington in aid of its sponsors’ drive for power over U.S. policy.

The Youth With A Mission (YWAM—pronounced “why-wham”) arm of this movement was set up in the 1960s and 1970s by a sort of carnival snake-charmer named Loren Cunningham. His son David Cunningham led a YWAM sub-unit (The Film Institute) for a rightist “revolution” in Hollywood, and was the director of ABC’s “Path to 9/11.”

Founder Frank Buchman described his agenda in an interview with a New York newspaper, the World Telegram, published on Aug. 26, 1936 under the headline, “Hitler Or Any Fascist Leader Controlled By God Could Cure All Ills Of World, Buchman Believes”:

“I thank Heaven for a man like Adolf Hitler, who built a front line of defense against the anti-Christ of Communism,” [Buchman] said today in his book-lined office in the annex of Calvary Church, Fourth Ave. and 21st St.

“My barber in London told me Hitler saved Europe from Communism. That’s how he felt. Of course, I don’t condone everything the Nazis do. Anti-Semitism? Bad, naturally. I suppose Hitler sees a Karl Marx in every Jew.

“But think what it would mean to the world if Hitler surrendered to the control of God. Or Mussolini. Or any dictator. Through such a man God could control a nation overnight and solve every last, bewildering problem.”

Buchman gave the New York interview having just returned from meetings of his “Oxford Group” in England; and from the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, where he had been the guest of SS leader Heinrich Himmler. (Buchman had gone to Nazi rallies at Nuremberg with Himmler, whom Buchman claimed to be training in religion.)

“Dr. Buchman,” wrote the World Telegram reporter, “listens quietly to ‘God’s plans’ for a half hour or so every day, usually before breakfast….

“The world needs the dictatorship of the living spirit of God…. God is a perpetual broadcasting station…. What we need is a supernatural network of live wires across the world to every last man, in every last place, in every last situation….

“Human problems aren’t economic…. They could be solved within a God-controlled democracy, or perhaps I should say a theocracy, and they could be solved through a God-controlled Fascist dictatorship.”

The Delphic Oracle As Cheap Comedy

Loren Cunningham and other Youth With A Mission leaders, like the Buchman followers running The Fellowship/National Prayer Breakfast, and such Buchmanite-trained charlatans as televangelist Pat Robertson, shamelessly say that their schemes come from God. The daily “quiet time” is a Buchman-signature boast. Buchman would supposedly sit with paper and pencil, mind empty, to take God’s dictation.

For example, in his 1984 book, Is That Really You, God?, Loren Cunningham wrote that in 1967, while “I was in bed in California … a thought came into my mind: ‘You are to have a … School of Evangelism.’ I wondered if this were from God…. Then another thought suddenly cut through, ‘Your school is to be in Switzerland.’ Switzerland! ‘Is this you, God?’ I asked in my mind.” A few days later, a family friend met him for breakfast and said, “Loren, I have a message for you. The Lord has been planting the idea in my mind that someone should start a school in Switzerland. Last night He told me you are to be the one….” He continued “that the school was to have an international student body and visiting teachers…. ‘Loren, I’m just a channel to pass this message on to you.’… We landed in Geneva in April [1967] … We made arrangements for a facility in a town outside Lausanne and returned to the States….”

Thus, allegedly, was born YWAM’s “Discipleship Training School” world headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

From the Swiss base, YWAM moved across the border into Bavaria, Germany. YWAM bought a castle at Hurlach, formerly owned by the Fuggers, a feudal-nobility banking family whose undead 20th-Century members sponsored Frank Buchman’s Swiss and German intrigues.2>fu2 Youth With A Mission stuffed 1,000 young followers into this Hurlach castle operational base, for a recruiting assault on the 1972 Munich Olympics, a rerun of Buchman’s 1936 glory days in Berlin.

The New Order Makes Breakfast

The National Prayer Breakfast, immediate predecessor of Youth With A Mission within the Buchman initiative, had its origin in the same Manhattan building, Calvary Church, where Frank Buchman gave his notorious 1936 newspaper interview.

That Episcopal church was the American headquarters for Buchman’s “Oxford Group” as it was then known, and the Calvary rector, Rev. Sam Shoemaker, was the national spokesman for Buchman. When Buchman was hit with increasing criticism for his praise of fascism as God’s instrument, he changed the name of the movement to Moral Rearmament, and his nervous American representatives rushed to get a Buchmanite para-church agency attached to the government in Washington.

The principal agents in this venture[3] were:

Longtime Buchman spokesman Rev. Sam Shoemaker;

Mrs. Marian Johnson, a high-society American and fanatical Anglophile, intimate on a family basis with the British Ambassador to Washington (1938-40), Lord Lothian, head of the financiers’ “Round Table” faction promoting Hitler; Mrs. Johnson oversaw much of the fundraising for the Buchman movement;

Abraham Vereide, a Norwegian immigrant and Buchman apostle specializing in capturing the minds of the wealthy and the powerful. He claimed to have converted the former Nazi SS officer, Netherlands’ Prince Bernhard, to Christ, and he and Frank Buchman together secured official Dutch Royal Family sponsorship for the Prayer Breakfast movement;

Col. Sir Vivian Gabriel, a British intelligence officer serving as Air Attaché with the British Embassy, who opened doors for Vereide and the others inside Washington;

H. Alexander Smith, the main American lieutenant of Frank Buchman, and father-in-law of Reverend Shoemaker. Smith later represented New Jersey in the U.S. Senate, and cemented the Prayer Breakfast, under covert “Fellowship” leadership, into place as a private institution in the U.S. Congress. On June 2, 1941, a year after the Nazi conquest of France, Smith drafted for the Foreign Policy Association a proposal that Hitler should be allowed to rule over and reform Europe—the so-called New Order—while the United States and Britain should jointly rule the rest of the world.

The Hitler-Haunted House on C Street

The existence of a covert Hitlerite organization (called simply “The Fellowship,” or “The Family”) wielding considerable power through the 1980s’ Conservative Revolution, was brought before the public in the March 2003 issue of Harper’s magazine (article entitled “Jesus Plus Nothing”).

Reporter Jeffrey Sharlet infiltrated The Fellowship. He quoted the leader, Vereide’s successor Douglas Coe, and the group’s private memos: “Coe listed other men who had changed the world through the strength of the covenants they had forged with their brothers: Look at Hitler, he said. Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Bin Laden…. A document called Thoughts on a Core Group explains that Communists use cells as their basic structure. The mafia operates like this, and the basic unit of the Marine Corps is the four man squad. Hitler, Lenin, and many others understood the power of a small core of people…. [Coe called for] ‘total unity. Two, or three, become one…. It’s called a covenant. Two, or three, agree? They can do anything. A covenant is … powerful. Can you think of anyone who made a covenant with his friends? … Hitler. Yes,’ Doug said. ‘Yes, Hitler made a covenant. The Mafia makes a covenant. It is such a very powerful thing. Two, or three, agree.’ “

The repeated message, that barbaric and evil power becomes good when Jesus controls it, was delivered to the residents, a captive audience of the cult, “at the Family’s four-story, red brick Washington town house, … at 133 C Street S.E.,” just around the corner from the Congressional office buildings. At the time of the Harper’s article, “Eight congressmen, including Senator Ensign and seven representatives lived there….”

In 1985, Congressman Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), then in his first term, was a terrible drunk, his life crashing. The Fellowship/Prayer Breakfast organization took him under its protection and brainwashing regime, as it did with key personnel in the military and elsewhere, a network of far-right intrigue throughout government.

But in the 1980s, the Fellowship was unknown to the public. What then was the official name of the organization running this nightmare on C Street? It was Youth With A Mission.

EIR’s interviews with former YWAM staff members have allowed us a glimpse at the internal operation of the group. The 133 C Street house, the Washington headquarters for Youth With A Mission, was headed by Ron Boehme (pronounced “Baymie”). The program in the 1980s was precisely that described in the 2003 Harper’s article, capturing control of Congress and government, using Buchman’s pagan-oracle “talks with God,” etc.

As it happens, this same Ron Boehme, now a YWAM leader in Washington State, is as of the time of this writing, a candidate for state legislature (26th District, Kitsap County) in the Republican primary to be held Sept. 19.

Interviewed by a local publication, candidate Boehme, boasting of his former importance, spoke somewhat openly about the arrangements over the past quarter century at 133 C Street S.E., Washington.

Speaking of himself in the third person, he said “Ron joined Youth With A Mission—one of the world’s largest youth/service organizations. YWAM has 11,000 full-time staff and 25,000 short-term workers that serve in 140 nations around the world…. Ron has founded Youth With A Mission centers in Washington D.C., Virginia, and the state of Washington…. He served in Washington, D.C. during the Reagan Revolution, and started a center on Capitol Hill in 1980 that continues to this day and houses 2% of the U.S. Congress (its first resident being Congressman Steve Largent).”[4]

Reporting to London

The international chairman of Youth With A Mission is now Lynn Green, who is also the head of YWAM in England. On Aug. 7, as the group’s hoax 9/11 docudrama was getting set to air on ABC, director David Cunningham spoke about the project at a meeting at YWAM’s International Chairman’s headquarters in Harpenden, England.

Now that the blow has been struck, and 13 million Americans saw the Clinton Administration portrayed on the program as responsible for the 9/11 attack, jubilant YWAM Chairman Lynn Green is preparing his own report. On Oct. 5, Green will be the featured speaker at the 2006 “City Prayer Breakfast.” This is the inner core of the Buchman/Fellowship/Prayer Breakfast initiative: leading private bankers from the City of London financial district, and their allies within the British government and military establishment, a faction using theocratic intrigues for fascism, permanent war, and world empire.

 By Anton Chaitkin, Axis of YWAM

YWAM’s School of (Worldly) Music in (Compromised)Missions

School of Music in Missions (SOMM) is  a discipleship based training school that trains musicians in the areas of Christian character, contemporary Christian music, music performance, missions, and other topics as well. The SOMM should not be the first step into music ministry, but could be the “next” step for those who desire to use their musical gifts in missions. (YWAM Perth)

I did the SOMM in India. We had students with amazing talents and skills to perform. They were seriously dedicated and hardcore musicians. Their inspiration? Secular music! We were constantly encouraged to listen to secular musicians and “learn” from them. We were brainwashed into believing that there’s no difference between secular and Christian music. (Contemporary christian music is inspired by secular artists.) This is true since CCM is an offshoot of secular music. Students were encouraged to “be themselves”, which meant they could get tattooed, piercings etc. It was pure worldliness in Christian clothing. Me being naive and undiscerned, got pulled in with all that. God was only approached to meet our agenda.

YWAM celebrates “Christian” rock. They used to hold a rock concert where CHRISTIANS would act like pagan worshippers banging their heads (I stand guilty) and the singer ripping out this throat while the guitarists would go on screeching. It was madness! (You’d be called names if you spoke evil of it…) And after the event everyone will be “feeling so good letting it out”! I wish I could go back and stand against this compromise. YWAM has intentionally overlooked the serious consequences of bridging the sacred and the secular. It is a mind-controlling organization, convincing anyone that it is unbiblical to distinguish the sacred from the secular.

YWAM’s Obsession with New Age Creativity

“Whatever you do is creative; not just singing, playing or dancing, even just listening to someone teach is creative.”

That statement is put up as a status by one of my contacts, a YWAMer, on Facebook. This teaching on ‘creativity in everything was taught at one of the training schools of YWAM. I read all the comments that followed; basically they were all about how wonderful the speaker, who taught creativity, was. The speaker, Sue, commented too, stating how she loved all the “sue-isms” that were on the Facebook wall. (No glory to God, she was happy she was being praised!) Many YWAMers and otherwise are completely unaware of this. It takes the Holy Ghost to reveal the deception.

There is a tremendous obsession with creativity in today’s world. Everything needs to be “creative”; anything “old” has no place in the minds of this generation. So what’s wrong with YWAM’s infatuation with creativity? Leaving that aside for now, let’s turn to the New Age spirituality and what it has to do with creativity. The New Age beliefs are based on creativity. Everything should be creative, just like what is being taught at YWAM, a Christian mission. This organization solely moves by strategies and creativity. If it’s a local outreach, the team would sit and think of a strategy to “win” souls to Christ. (The main purpose of YWAM is establishing a Utopia-like community. It aims to build a world based on ‘christian principles’ .) During intercessory prayers, people ask God for strategies and creativity to bring “His” will about. This approach is taken out of the New Age spirituality. In an interview, Dr. Adair was asked questions on creativity; he is highly regarded by the New Age spiritualists; I can testify his answers are not far from what YWAM teaches although they tend to back up these teachings with random Bible verses. And believe me, they are excellent at convincing anyone who lacks discernment (this is one of the reasons why christian youth is the prime target). I do not say that Dr. Adair’s philosophy does not work, but who is his inspiration? If the spiritualists use his books to counsel their clients, should it not ring bells in the mind of a follower of Christ? Study the page from which the quote below is extracted. Notice the page is filled with New Age spirituality: yoga, meditation, psychic, auras, theosophy etc. And this kind of New Age teaching is rampant in Christian churches and global missions. It’s really all about self-gratification disguised as ‘doing God’s will’.

“Creative thinking always involves this sort of team work. A parting word of encouragement, the worst unconscious assumption you can make is that you are not a creative thinker. You may, of course, be right, but you will never know until you put into practice the principles I have outlined in The Art of Creative Thinking. The trouble is that we don’t know ourselves very well in some respects and we tend to be poor judges of our own creative potential. So experiment, have fun, and give yourself a few surprises.” – Dr. Adair

Where is the dependence on the Holy Spirit or His leading? Crying out to God to help a man-made agenda is a waste of time. Might as well bake some cookies. I’ve done that myself, sitting and praying with other YWAMers asking God to give us strategy to bring “His will” (when in fact it’s what the leaders have thought about). The Spirit does not need human intervention to fulfill the purposes of God; all He needs is a person, humbled before God, ready to look like a fool for the sake of his God.A typical argument would go like this: ‘if we don’t use creativity how will we attract people “to God”? Since when is attracting people to God in our hands? Regardless of the culture, God’s word is to be preached as it is. The Gospel message is not to be camouflaged to attract more people; it is the work of the Holy Spirit and strategies and creativeness is not what He wants. Christians today are so distracted by spreading their gospels in a way pleasing to the world that they have forgotten to first live God’s Gospel. The Lord isn’t a least bit concerned with our creativity and amazing strategies. So clearly, it is our fallen nature we are trying to please. Being creative does bring about our agenda, but that is always antagonist to God’s purpose. Ask yourself: if you are not creative with the Gospel, does that make you feel stressed and guilty? I’m certain the answer is a resounding ‘yes’!
The whole art of creativity is demonic (not creativity per se; it’s the obsession with it – thinking that’s the only way), and must not be entertained by genuine believers! It’s dangerous as it takes the focus off God and on to our imaginations and our flesh. I have witnessed how obsessed University of Nations (YWAM)  is with ideas, strategies and creativity. Anything that is uncreative misses the mark and needs to be improved on, just to get people’s attention. Their worship is creative, their intercession is creative, teaching has to be creative, outreaches are creative etc. Even the native Americans emphasise the important of creativity in their worship and lifestyle, so do the Hindus, the Muslims and all other religions. Who is YWAM trying to impress? All the countless number of training courses are based primarily on creativity, whether it’s Creative Leadership Development, Creative DTS, or any course. They’re all about strategies and ideas.  


I’m not advertising a boring life; but I am saying that a Christ-centred mind will not focus too much on strategies and creativity! Study the life of the characters who followed God in the Bible. Were their lives boring even though they did not have an infatuation with creativity and strategies?


Intentionally or unintentionally, YWAM supports feminism

One thing I’ve noticed that YWAM seems to be filled with single women with leadership roles. YWAM encourages women to take up leadership responsibilities (manipulating Scriptures to meet their agenda) and proudly so. From today’s perspective this would seem to be a good thing to do, a good deed. Then again, ask yourself, who is responsible for today’s perspectives? Is it the Bible or the feminists? If it was the Bible, there would be very few women with such roles. The Bible expects the man to be a leader, the decision-maker, the authority; women are not to be looked down upon, but their roles are different, the role of supporting the ministry, supplying for its needs, and taking care of the spiritual needs of other single women/newly married wives to name a few. However, with the rise of feminism and the sexual revolution in the 1960s, (the same time YWAM came about), women wanted to be “equal” with men (in a humanistic sense). YWAM acknowledges this humanistic equality and encourages women to have over men the same authority as men have.

“This is usually seen or presented as an issue of justice and fairness, equal rights between the genders, and rightly so. However, it is also an issue of strategic intelligence or wisdom and it might be more important and effective if we view it in this way. The fact is that in the kingdom of God women have vital roles and that has always been true.
In this Century I believe there will be an even greater release of women in leadership roles in the body of Christ and specifically within YWAM. There will be a particular movement of women in leadership roles in Africa, Asia and South America.
Serving in Africa I’ve noted two strategic factors. First, the number of pioneer women missionaries outnumbers single men. In YWAM Africa we have seen God use outstanding women leaders such as Habona Kisamwa, Gail Wickes, Anneke Doumas, Debbie Smith, Marcia Azolin, Mary Biney, Reine Amu, Elisabeth Schassberger, Silvie Leong, Annelies Daka, and many others. We could name many other women giving vital leadership in other continents.
Frankly, the task needs to be done. We need every gift of leadership available, young and old, male and female.
 I think it’s likely that there will be a woman President of YWAM within the next decade. On GLT (Global leadership Team) we already have strong female voices like Maureen Menard, Chris Colby, Elizabeth Cochrane, and Wendy Radford; and of course, Darlene Cunninham! The 21st Century demands that we have every means available to finish the task of world missions.” (extract from YWAM knowledgebase)

 (Notice that there is no mention of Christ, no mention of His Lordship, no mention of the Holy Spirit and of His guidance! The term “world missions” has nothing to do with the mission of Christ Jesus but everything to do with the mission of globalism and the NWO.  I would testify that YWAM uses human strategies (and thank the Holy Spirit for it!) to bring about the “change” they want to see.)

There will certainly be an uproar in the minds of Christian women when they read this. But it’s been long forgotten that women were not made to rule/dominate over men, more so in a family and within a Christian ministry! The YWAM’s task is to create a global peace, just like the anti-Christ wants it. (Most YWAMers are unaware of this, don’t hold it against them.) Y is obsessed with making global peace, celebrating unity in diversity, accepting any kind of Catholic/Protestant Christian as long as they follow their “task”. It’s really something else under the guise of Christian missions. Woman was created for the man because he was lonely, and God knew that. Why then are single women (most above 35) filling the role of leadership with no scope of marriage? In most cases, men prefer women who is willing to be under his authority, he wants to be the leader, and this is a godly desire. To be married to a woman leader is insulting to his God-given right to lead.

YWAM exposed- Shocking!!

So it is said that Loren Cunningham and Bill Bright suddenly wake up one day with a “God-given” dream of transforming the world by redeeming the 7 spheres of society. But why would they get a God-driven dream when it’s not in the Bible? Does God work outside His Word? Here’s an interesting passage: ‘At its most extreme, hardcore Dominionists believe that Jesus either will not or can not return until Christians complete this task. This is not scriptural, and because it makes God subject to our actions, it is heretical. a YWAMer hailling the nations (NWO)

The problem is that these “seven mountains” are not identified anywhere in the Bible. The concept was created by Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade, and Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With a Mission, during a lunch meeting in 1975.  And this is where the rubber begins to meet the road.

Youth With a Mission is connected to a secretive (1) group called The Family, or The Fellowship, which has walked the halls of power around the world for decades. It traces its history back 75 years to a preacher named Abraham Vereide, who’d had a revelation that his mission field was to be men with the means to literally seize the world “for God.”
In 2009, when South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford publicly confessed his marital infidelity, he mentioned that he’d turned to the C Street House for counseling. C Street is owned by Youth With a Mission and operated by The Family. The four-story red brick townhouse at 133 C Street S.E. provides housing to a number of congressmen and senators in D.C. at rents far below market rates. They hold regular Bible studies and discuss ways to use their power for Christ.

The key word in that sentence is power. Family leader Doug Coe has offered up Hitler, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, and the Mafia as examples of men who knew how to use power well.

The Family isn’t some fringe cult group. It has organized the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington every year since the Eisenhower administration. Seats at the breakfast are sold to world leaders in politics and business (2), offering them invaluable face time with the president of the United States and his closest advisers. Coe has claimed that The Family has access through American embassies that allows his operatives “to move practically anywhere”.

And while The Family works behind the scenes (3), directing politicians in the campaign to retake the 7 Mountains of Influence, a growing movement within evangelical Christianity is building support for the assault among the rank-and-file. Millions of American Christians have been convinced that our nation’s spiritual malaise can be corrected through politics. Just elect the right people and appoint the right justices to the Supreme Court, we’re told, and we can stem the moral decay of the last fifty years. The appealing fantasy of returning America to the ways of our saintly founding fathers has blinded us to the fact that Jesus never called us to political action to achieve spiritual goals.’

I see a crystal clear relationship of The Family with the Rothschild/Illuminati agenda. The only difference being that The Family uses Christian-sounding words to entices Christians, words such as redeem, transform, God, justice, love and so on. A discerning believer can easily make out that the agenda behind this organisation is physical conformity to the political leaders rather than spiritual conformity to the Bible.

A few similarities I found between the Illuminati and Family:
(1) Both maintain secrecy: The Family/Fellowship hides behind the “Christian” coating of  ‘don’t show off your good works’.  (I will be doing a detailed work in comparing the two soon.) While the Illuminati hide behind, well, their agenda of wanting to create a new world of which they will be the rulers. ( The Illuminati comprises of the few Elites who follow the religion of Freemasonry, a HIGHLY secretive society that worships Lucifer and are deeply involved in occultism.)

(2)  Both dialogue with the world leaders in politics and business: There is a slight twist in this – the leading politicians and businessmen are freemasons themselves, i.e. part of the Illuminati. The Family claims to hold “National Prayer Breakfast” for these top notches of the world! I’m super skeptical about who is being prayed to at this event.  But one thing I’m sure, it’s not to the God of the Bible.

(3) Both carry out their agendas behind the scenes. They are professional puppeteers! Certain men are elected before the public, but there’s more to that man than the eye can see and the mind perceive. Take Obama (and the other US presidents) for example, he doesn’t govern the US according to his wisdom, it is not according to his initiation that he is going around making peace, but rather according to those who ‘work behind the scenes’ to bring about their agenda of the NWO.

Having a peek into the background of YWAM, I was unsure as there was no proof of YWAM being one with The Family/Fellowship. So I searched further and I came across this shocking article.  I didn’t know what to think, I was shaken because I was actually brainwashed by YWAM into following their dominionistic agenda. The truth is setting me free daily!

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