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Intentionally or unintentionally, YWAM supports feminism

One thing I’ve noticed that YWAM seems to be filled with single women with leadership roles. YWAM encourages women to take up leadership responsibilities (manipulating Scriptures to meet their agenda) and proudly so. From today’s perspective this would seem to be a good thing to do, a good deed. Then again, ask yourself, who is responsible for today’s perspectives? Is it the Bible or the feminists? If it was the Bible, there would be very few women with such roles. The Bible expects the man to be a leader, the decision-maker, the authority; women are not to be looked down upon, but their roles are different, the role of supporting the ministry, supplying for its needs, and taking care of the spiritual needs of other single women/newly married wives to name a few. However, with the rise of feminism and the sexual revolution in the 1960s, (the same time YWAM came about), women wanted to be “equal” with men (in a humanistic sense). YWAM acknowledges this humanistic equality and encourages women to have over men the same authority as men have.

“This is usually seen or presented as an issue of justice and fairness, equal rights between the genders, and rightly so. However, it is also an issue of strategic intelligence or wisdom and it might be more important and effective if we view it in this way. The fact is that in the kingdom of God women have vital roles and that has always been true.
In this Century I believe there will be an even greater release of women in leadership roles in the body of Christ and specifically within YWAM. There will be a particular movement of women in leadership roles in Africa, Asia and South America.
Serving in Africa I’ve noted two strategic factors. First, the number of pioneer women missionaries outnumbers single men. In YWAM Africa we have seen God use outstanding women leaders such as Habona Kisamwa, Gail Wickes, Anneke Doumas, Debbie Smith, Marcia Azolin, Mary Biney, Reine Amu, Elisabeth Schassberger, Silvie Leong, Annelies Daka, and many others. We could name many other women giving vital leadership in other continents.
Frankly, the task needs to be done. We need every gift of leadership available, young and old, male and female.
 I think it’s likely that there will be a woman President of YWAM within the next decade. On GLT (Global leadership Team) we already have strong female voices like Maureen Menard, Chris Colby, Elizabeth Cochrane, and Wendy Radford; and of course, Darlene Cunninham! The 21st Century demands that we have every means available to finish the task of world missions.” (extract from YWAM knowledgebase)

 (Notice that there is no mention of Christ, no mention of His Lordship, no mention of the Holy Spirit and of His guidance! The term “world missions” has nothing to do with the mission of Christ Jesus but everything to do with the mission of globalism and the NWO.  I would testify that YWAM uses human strategies (and thank the Holy Spirit for it!) to bring about the “change” they want to see.)

There will certainly be an uproar in the minds of Christian women when they read this. But it’s been long forgotten that women were not made to rule/dominate over men, more so in a family and within a Christian ministry! The YWAM’s task is to create a global peace, just like the anti-Christ wants it. (Most YWAMers are unaware of this, don’t hold it against them.) Y is obsessed with making global peace, celebrating unity in diversity, accepting any kind of Catholic/Protestant Christian as long as they follow their “task”. It’s really something else under the guise of Christian missions. Woman was created for the man because he was lonely, and God knew that. Why then are single women (most above 35) filling the role of leadership with no scope of marriage? In most cases, men prefer women who is willing to be under his authority, he wants to be the leader, and this is a godly desire. To be married to a woman leader is insulting to his God-given right to lead.

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