This blog has been started after the Lord began His work of pulling me out of what I’d call “secular Christianity”.  Such Christians don’t see the harm in putting on worldliness while claiming to follow Christ. I was taught in a mission training centre that Christians need to be worldly from the outside but “right before God” on the inside (if that makes sense). Modern Christianity teaches that we need to be (somewhat) worldly in order to be politically “relevant”, or else we may not “attract” people to Christ. We need to use Rock music, dress somewhat weirdly, be part of the movie/music industry, get involved with businesses, use a certain language, (you can add to the list) all for the sake of evangelising, to prevent the world from being put off from hearing your message.

First off, these are man’s strategies. They are demonic in nature. Christians seem to be more concerned about proclaiming the Gospel which they themselves do not know, let alone live. Biblical relevance is what matters at the end, not political relevance.
To be biblically relevant we must separate ourselves from the trends and fashion of this world. Not at all saying to dress up as those of Jesus’ times, but to not get tangled with the way the world does things. The god of the world offers materialistic satisfaction to its inhabitants, should and would God of the universe do the same? Satan has used Rock music for decades to lure people away from morality (this music plays a huge role in the deprave morality of today), should Christians use the same to “lure” people to Christ? The world wants to look cool and weird by putting on tattoos and piercings, should Christians do the same? Are we not weird enough when we don’t do what they do? Will such an attitude not raise questions in their minds?

Secondly, the whole world is under the rule of the evil one: Satan showed the earthly kingdoms and their glories to Jesus in the wilderness, and even told the Son of God that if He bowed to Satan, Satan had the authority to give it to Jesus because it has been given to him (to Satan by God) [Lk 4:5, 6] But you might say that Jesus overcame Satan at the cross, so really, Jesus is now in control of the world. I think not: the Apostle writes in 2Cor 4:4 – “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not…” This is the reason why the NT strongly admonishes its doers to set ourselves apart from the world. The devil knows, esp. in these days, that his time is short and hence is working overtime to raise his ultimate government, his anti-Christ, and Christians are unaware while he works.  Ironically, the unbelievers seem more aware of the coming New World Order and the rule of a tyrant in the near future.

Never underestimate Satan’s power to lure a believer onto his side. Always stand guarding yourselves, your thoughts, your actions, conduct etc. The NT is full of it. Never fall for the lie that it’s okay to be a little worldly as long as ‘my heart is right before God’. These days are like the days of Noah; man performing every abominable thing before the Lord Almighty!

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