YWAM’s heretic theology 1: Dominionism and the global agenda

In response to Jesus’ command to go into the world and make disciples (Matt.22:37-38;28:18-20) and the need for biblical transformation of peoples and nations, the U of N Kona is called to train servant leaders in the seven spheres of society (religion, family, education, government, media,arts/entertainment and business/science). We are committed to teaching, works of evangelism and mercy ministries. We want to see this campus become a hub for both new and existing ministries, and to see our facilities filled with people passionate for reaching the lost and the needy, both here in Hawaii and into the nations of the world.
To send out thousands of men and women who value God’s love for all people, who have vision and passion for discipling nations, who are equipped with essential skills, and who demonstrate His ways in service throughout society. –  YWAM Kona

 The keywords and phrases highlighted clearly unveil YWAM’s heretic theology of DominionismMany are unaware of this approach of missions, and its hidden agenda to bring about global peace.  Some would even argue that this theology is biblical because it is about bringing peace to the world. Christ sacrifice on the cross was to bring peace and reconciliation between God and the fallen mankind, and NOT the global peace (Rom 5:1).  Please note that I do not label all missions and ministries to have the same agenda in mind, however the missions that have gone global/international definitely lean towards Dominionism, and eventually the global peace agenda.

  Knowingly or unknowingly, YWAM has accepted an unbiblical conformation and love towards culture and society. This is exactly what the unchristian youth everywhere are also being taught – to conform, to tolerate and to ‘love’. This is the only way to bring about the false world peace. While with YWAM, I have often noticed the mental change brought about in the minds of orthodox Christian youth who go through the entry-level Discipleship Training School (DTS). They are made to believe that that which their parents or their church at home may call secular/worldly is in fact godly! These new bees then observe other indoctrinated youth on campus who go around with tattoos, men with long hair, women with fitting clothes, attending rock concerts, making crude jokes etc, and these are the staff! These take up spiritual responsibility of the students as well as physical responsibilities around the bases. The students are then desensitized to worldliness. To judge such staff would be narrow-mindedness, judgmental, legalistic, orthodox Christian.  To influence the youth to accept everyone just as they are is the way to peace, to live happily with other people while doing “good” works for God.

Basically, the youth’s mission is to be puppets in the hands of the global leaders who are determined to establish God’s earthly kingdom. Young people are the easiest to manipulate, and that is exactly what’s going on. I do not say that God cannot work through certain YWAMers, He can and I believe many have been touched by the love of God through certain dedicated, Spirit-filled missionaries; however, YWAM’s global agenda still stands.

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