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A shocking “Christian” review of ‘Burlesque’, the movie

Here’s a Christian review of the new movie Burlesque. Bearing in mind that this is a review from a Christian’s perspective, let’s break it down to see how biblical the review itself is. (Burlesque defined)

My first reaction was that of skepticism. Nowhere does it discourage Christians from viewing it! This movie is filled with nudity, sexuality, homosexuality, alcohol and other things (mentioned at the end of the article). The movie is rated PG-13 by the movie-makes, and also by the Christian author! A 13-year old Christian is allowed to watch such offensive, unbiblically themed movie??? (As it is, I’m rather shocked that the movie producers themselves have rated it as PG 13; 5 years ago this would’ve been rated as PG-18!) And not only that, a Christian website is promoting the movie:

Burlesque is best seen on a big screen (enjoy the immorality on a large screen, don’t miss out on the details…), which suits its larger-than-life ambitions, but the story arc is nothing new. Although it works on the most basic level—we root for Tess to find a way to keep the club open, thanks to Ali’s talent—it won’t surprise anyone older than a teenager (and many of them will see the story’s developments coming a mile away). The film’s strength is as a visual extravaganza, but that comes with a major caveat: The dance routines are sexually suggestive and the dancers’ outfits quite revealing. The film is rated PG-13, not R, but viewers should go in expecting to see a lot of skin. Burlesque celebrates determination, grit and a belief in one’s own talents and abilities (forget the Holy Ghost!). However, it’s also nonjudgmental about all behaviors except Nikki’s taste for the bottle. No other positive moral lessons are to be drawn from Burlesque. It’s all song and dance, spectacle and camp, and one more memorable role for Cher. It’s she, not Aguilera, who anchors Burlesque and reminds us that some singers can be as effective on-screen as they are on stage.”

I have a big problem with the above paragraph. The writer seems to be promoting the movie despite his weak efforts in mentioning its profanity (it’s more out of a formality that he does). This movie is PG-13, what kind of morals are being fed to the kids? (Yes, a 13-year-old teen is still a kid!) Granted, this review is probably a neutral one, an informative one rather than an analysis from a biblical point of view… In that case, what is it doing on a Christian site? Are Christians not responsible for dividing the godly from the ungodly? Isn’t that what God expects from us? Or are we to merely inform our brothers and sisters and let them decide for themselves at their own risks? Keep in mind that the majority watching this movie are (Christian) teens! Does God not expect us to look after His little ones? It is wrong for a Christian to write a neutral review on a movie (and any thing else) that celebrates immorality in every form! It is an offense to the Lord.


YWAM’s heretic theology 3 – Reclaiming the 7 Spheres of Influence

It is said that Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM, was told by God about the 7 Spheres of Influence: these are the main areas that influence society, and eventually nations. These are namely: family, church, education, media, arts, technology and government. YWAM’s main agenda is this: that the earthly kingdom of God be established. Loren’s main motive is to change the “worldview” of a nation in order for God to move!!! Here’s an extract of Loren’s interview conducted by Kelle Ortiz and Os Hillman on Nov 19 2007:

“And that’s where we have to see the seven spheres or the seven mountains, and see them as a corporate change of even the worldview that they are presently having to shift them into a world-view that will allow the nations to receive all that God has for them in salvation and in all the other blessings beyond salvation, and especially in discipling them to disciple the nations. (The “nations” will receive God’s blessings if they change their worldview? Nothing about repentance, or taking up the cross daily and following Christ)   And He said, “baptizing them, in the name of the son, of the father, and the Holy Ghost.”  How do you baptise a whole nation?  They have to die to the world-view they’re in.  If it’s a Buddhist world-view, or a Hindu world-view, and be resurrected to the world-view of the Biblical, and that which is of Jesus’ world-view. (What!? What’s his biblical proof of dying to a worldview?? What about dying to self, repentance? Seems like Loren is implying that a Hindu/Buddhist don’t need to repent, just change their “worldview”. It is only when an individual is convicted of the Holy Spirit does he repent, and the Spirit enables the new convert to imitate Jesus’ life!)  And as they’re resurrected how do you do that?  By teaching them “all that I taught you with (with?).”  And He says, “And lo, I am with you always…” So, He will be with us to teach them all that he has taught us.  And that’s how you change the world-view, both in the individual, and in the world itself.  You don’t have to have the majority.  All you have to have is the tipping point part, and they have to be strong, and understand, but truly wrapped in love, not in arrogance and banging them over the head with a Bible, but rather in love, and living the message.”

Okay, having read that one may not find anything wrong with Loren’s gospel, but his main concern is changing the worldview, not about repentance, not about separating oneself from the world and be sanctified. He even thinks that a nation is saved by changing its secular worldview to a Christian one!  Changing a worldview is a strategy, not the Gospel Jesus and the Apostles preached. Jesus  commanded His disciples to teach all nations all that He has taught them but what did He teach about? Was about making the earth heavenly with good morals? Did He teach a new “worldview”, claiming that all nations need to conform to it? Or was it repent and believe and be saved? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not about transforming nations, it is about the individual admitting their sinfulness and their need for a Savior to forgive their sins, snatching them away from the impending wrath of God on the disobedient (Eph 2:2), and redeeming them, His Church, from this present evil world (not redeeming the present evil world itself! Gal 1:4)

Dreaming of a Pagan Christmas?

Who doesn’t look forward to Christmas? Apart from those who dislike shopping and organising get-together – I don’t blame them! I mean Christmas is literally idolized, both by Christians and their counterparts. Shopping, discounts, lavish spending, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, decorations, gluttony, drinking, making merry, reveling are all part of Christmas celebrations. And it’s done rightly so! 25th of December is day of a pagan festival which the Roman Catholicism “converted” it to Christ-mass centuries ago.

Christmas has its origins in a heathen festival which predates the birth of Jesus. Logically, the 25th of December would have been unbearably cold for the shepherds to be out watching their flocks by night; it would’ve been too cold for infant Jesus to be born then; too cold for the Magi to be traveling all the way from the East.  The Roman pagans revelled on this date as it was the birthday of a sun-god, Mithras/Saturn. The trees, the decorations, Santa Claus have nothing to do with Christ; these are all incorporated by the secular Christians of the old. The Romans must have celebrated their festival the way this heathen festival is celebrated today, the way it’s so overrated!

Nowhere in the Bible (the NT) is the festival of Christmas mentioned; neither did the Apostles or the early Church celebrate it, neither did God command that the day of the birth of His Son be observed.  Here’s a detailed write-up:

 No wonder the US has substituted ‘merry Christmas” to ‘happy holidays’! It’s not about Christ anyway; and they’re right in changing the term, at least all the sins committed on the 25th Dec is not done under the name of Christ. If Christmas was really biblical, the government would’ve banned it altogether instead of just changing the name! Am I killing the fun?  Is Christ glorified while you have your “fun”? (Mentioning the same Bible story year after year isn’t glorifying Christ, because it’s done out of ritual and formality.) Let us rather prepare our spirits to receive Him when He comes again not as a helpless babe but as the mighty King of kings, full of power and glory.  

Let’s empty out our brains and be united….

YWAM’s heretic theology 2: “Unity in Diversity” – the real deal!

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the world being manipulated by the Illuminati by invading very spheres of society ( business, government, church, family, media, entertainment and technology) which L. Cunningham wants to see “transformed” and shaped according to the Christian paradigm. The dark elite, however, have full control over the majority of the people’s lifestyles. Even the news shown on TV are monitored by them – no wonder people are totally unawares of their existence.
Anyhow my point is this, the agenda of YWAM to “transform” society, hence nations, either fights the plan of the Illuminati (‘I’) or it’s plain foolishness. And I think it’s both. The goal of the Illuminati elite is to demoralise, decentralise and destabilise cultural norm, and then when the world is in chaos, provide them with a solution – THEIR solution. So what’s this got to do with YWAM’s ‘reclaiming the 7 spheres of society’? The very spheres they’re up against are in the hands of these elites; what Cunningham and his disciples do not realise is that they are using the same strategies that the Rothschild and the Rockefeller are using today, such as:

  • Encouraging multiculturalism and diversity.
  • Very youth-oriented, as young minds are very fertile (and any older people who think like the youth)
  • Manipulating people with businesses and education.
  • Accepting everyone just as they are (regardless of their sins, tattoos, piercings, mentality etc) eliminating the pure biblical standard as judgmental.
  • Listen to whatever music/watch whatever movie (“as long as your heart is right before God” – according to YWAM).
  • Open/broad-mindedness is overemphasised; biblical-mindedness shunned as being closed/narrow-mindedness
  • Focus on bringing global peace, unity, tolerance (Unity in Diversity – slogan used by Illuminati propaganda for one world government and YWAM’s “mission” to unite the world for God) While the Illuminati is working on bringing about the reign of the anti-Christ, YWAM wants to bring about the peace of Christ on earth to all its dwellers.
  • Use the sphere of media and entertainment to get the message across to the populace.
  • Both groups overtly focus on globalism, interculturalism and communitarianism.
  • Very strategic-minded to bring about success.

I am not implying that YWAM is part of the secret society. I am implying that YWAM has been deceived by leaders like Cunningham, Rick Warren, Richard Land (to name a few) into thinking that they are obeying Jesus’ prayer in Matt 6:10, Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as [it is] in heaven.” YWAM is even fooled to the extent of believing that being environmentally friendly is obeying God’s “first mandate” of “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” (Gen 1:28), when in reality they are aiding the global agenda of nature worship of “Mother” earth! The will of God in heaven is not that man take back what Satan has stolen, His will is that men (humankind) believe on the One whom He has sent, His very own Son through Whom we can escape the deception of this world and the impending wrath of God on it! It is no wonder the Bible is full of warnings and admonishings about being separated from the world, God does not want His people amalgamating with its devilish agenda!

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