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An example of a not so obviously hidden demonic image

Wings of angel? Look closer

See anything odd?


Do you see a fallen entity with horns hidden amidst the wings? The black arrows point to the horns; the red points to the head; the blue to the knees (as though seated in a yoga position). That figure is more obvious than the wings! Am I paranoid? Absolutely not! As children of God the Father and co-heirs with Christ, we’re called to discern. Such images are inspired by the power of darkness, and they are always disguised to the carnal eye. The yoga position (a.k.a as the lotus position) is extensively used in Hinduism and eastern religions for transcendental meditation, invoking the evil spirits. Also, the Baphomet (Satan) is always portrayed as sitting in the same position. I clearly see a horned creature sitting in a lotus position – and the Spirit in me has affirmed that it’s demonic. These are NOT wings of God’s angels.


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