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YWAM’s heretic theology 3 – Reclaiming the 7 Spheres of Influence

It is said that Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM, was told by God about the 7 Spheres of Influence: these are the main areas that influence society, and eventually nations. These are namely: family, church, education, media, arts, technology and government. YWAM’s main agenda is this: that the earthly kingdom of God be established. Loren’s main motive is to change the “worldview” of a nation in order for God to move!!! Here’s an extract of Loren’s interview conducted by Kelle Ortiz and Os Hillman on Nov 19 2007:

“And that’s where we have to see the seven spheres or the seven mountains, and see them as a corporate change of even the worldview that they are presently having to shift them into a world-view that will allow the nations to receive all that God has for them in salvation and in all the other blessings beyond salvation, and especially in discipling them to disciple the nations. (The “nations” will receive God’s blessings if they change their worldview? Nothing about repentance, or taking up the cross daily and following Christ)   And He said, “baptizing them, in the name of the son, of the father, and the Holy Ghost.”  How do you baptise a whole nation?  They have to die to the world-view they’re in.  If it’s a Buddhist world-view, or a Hindu world-view, and be resurrected to the world-view of the Biblical, and that which is of Jesus’ world-view. (What!? What’s his biblical proof of dying to a worldview?? What about dying to self, repentance? Seems like Loren is implying that a Hindu/Buddhist don’t need to repent, just change their “worldview”. It is only when an individual is convicted of the Holy Spirit does he repent, and the Spirit enables the new convert to imitate Jesus’ life!)  And as they’re resurrected how do you do that?  By teaching them “all that I taught you with (with?).”  And He says, “And lo, I am with you always…” So, He will be with us to teach them all that he has taught us.  And that’s how you change the world-view, both in the individual, and in the world itself.  You don’t have to have the majority.  All you have to have is the tipping point part, and they have to be strong, and understand, but truly wrapped in love, not in arrogance and banging them over the head with a Bible, but rather in love, and living the message.”

Okay, having read that one may not find anything wrong with Loren’s gospel, but his main concern is changing the worldview, not about repentance, not about separating oneself from the world and be sanctified. He even thinks that a nation is saved by changing its secular worldview to a Christian one!  Changing a worldview is a strategy, not the Gospel Jesus and the Apostles preached. Jesus  commanded His disciples to teach all nations all that He has taught them but what did He teach about? Was about making the earth heavenly with good morals? Did He teach a new “worldview”, claiming that all nations need to conform to it? Or was it repent and believe and be saved? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not about transforming nations, it is about the individual admitting their sinfulness and their need for a Savior to forgive their sins, snatching them away from the impending wrath of God on the disobedient (Eph 2:2), and redeeming them, His Church, from this present evil world (not redeeming the present evil world itself! Gal 1:4)

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