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Unraveling more deception: The Moon landing was a drama!

I came across an article about the Illuminati / masonic conspiracy of N.A.S.A (National Aeronautics Space Administration). Earlier, I had come across findings of the moon-landing of the 1960s being a hoax, but I didn’t make much of it; thought it was just some people trying to create trouble. But the more the Holy Spirit is leading me into truth, the more I’m starting to wonder about the ‘truth’ which is in fact no truth at all! Taking the example of the fake moon-landing, I was rather startled that the Illuminati would fake such an event! They’ve made such fools of us! As I was pondering on it, I started to wonder what else they have deceived us with. And it dawned me, that only Jesus the Son of God is the TRUTH. Everything else is make belief! He is the only One who has ever declared to be the truth; all others have only claimed.

This whole N.A.S.A faking the moon-landing are rather funny; I found them to be anyway. It’s a serious issue that some people have died thinking man has actually reached the moon. It’s all a big joke to ‘them’. This isn’t the only way we are manipulated. No wonder the Bible is constantly reminds us to STAY AWAY FROM THE WORLD! To love the world or the things therein is only our foolishness and to our deception. I mean can you believe that schools deceive us and our kids by teaching the lie about the UN, the FAKE moon landings and God knows what else! If the moon landings were real man would’ve gone there over and over again, right??? But I suppose if they went on with the drama, they would eventually be found out – either way, they did get found out.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, God DOES NOT make empty commands! Loose yourselves from loving this deceived world and its deceptive things!

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