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Difference between A Christian and A True Follower of Christ:

A Christian will embrace Islam without the mildest threat

A true follower of Christ will continue to confess Christ even when threatened with the sword!

To deny Islam is to insult Islam…

71 Churches To Read The “Quran” On 6/26/2011 “Chrislam”

Youth With A (Illuminati) Mission

“Youth With A Mission,” the global religious group that cooked up the hoax “The Path to 9/11,” a docudrama aired on ABC Sept. 10-11, is, underneath its public cover, the organization created in the 1920s-1930s by the notorious pro-Nazi Frank Buchman. Above cover, it was known during and after World War II as Moral Rearmament, and also as the National Prayer Breakfast Movement or “The Fellowship” or “The Family.”[1]

This imperial agency was crafted by the British and Dutch royal and financier faction that backed fascism and sought a world government in tandem with Hitler. After the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, the Buchman initiative was based at Caux, Switzerland, on Lake Geneva, and was inserted into Washington in aid of its sponsors’ drive for power over U.S. policy.

The Youth With A Mission (YWAM—pronounced “why-wham”) arm of this movement was set up in the 1960s and 1970s by a sort of carnival snake-charmer named Loren Cunningham. His son David Cunningham led a YWAM sub-unit (The Film Institute) for a rightist “revolution” in Hollywood, and was the director of ABC’s “Path to 9/11.”

Founder Frank Buchman described his agenda in an interview with a New York newspaper, the World Telegram, published on Aug. 26, 1936 under the headline, “Hitler Or Any Fascist Leader Controlled By God Could Cure All Ills Of World, Buchman Believes”:

“I thank Heaven for a man like Adolf Hitler, who built a front line of defense against the anti-Christ of Communism,” [Buchman] said today in his book-lined office in the annex of Calvary Church, Fourth Ave. and 21st St.

“My barber in London told me Hitler saved Europe from Communism. That’s how he felt. Of course, I don’t condone everything the Nazis do. Anti-Semitism? Bad, naturally. I suppose Hitler sees a Karl Marx in every Jew.

“But think what it would mean to the world if Hitler surrendered to the control of God. Or Mussolini. Or any dictator. Through such a man God could control a nation overnight and solve every last, bewildering problem.”

Buchman gave the New York interview having just returned from meetings of his “Oxford Group” in England; and from the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, where he had been the guest of SS leader Heinrich Himmler. (Buchman had gone to Nazi rallies at Nuremberg with Himmler, whom Buchman claimed to be training in religion.)

“Dr. Buchman,” wrote the World Telegram reporter, “listens quietly to ‘God’s plans’ for a half hour or so every day, usually before breakfast….

“The world needs the dictatorship of the living spirit of God…. God is a perpetual broadcasting station…. What we need is a supernatural network of live wires across the world to every last man, in every last place, in every last situation….

“Human problems aren’t economic…. They could be solved within a God-controlled democracy, or perhaps I should say a theocracy, and they could be solved through a God-controlled Fascist dictatorship.”

The Delphic Oracle As Cheap Comedy

Loren Cunningham and other Youth With A Mission leaders, like the Buchman followers running The Fellowship/National Prayer Breakfast, and such Buchmanite-trained charlatans as televangelist Pat Robertson, shamelessly say that their schemes come from God. The daily “quiet time” is a Buchman-signature boast. Buchman would supposedly sit with paper and pencil, mind empty, to take God’s dictation.

For example, in his 1984 book, Is That Really You, God?, Loren Cunningham wrote that in 1967, while “I was in bed in California … a thought came into my mind: ‘You are to have a … School of Evangelism.’ I wondered if this were from God…. Then another thought suddenly cut through, ‘Your school is to be in Switzerland.’ Switzerland! ‘Is this you, God?’ I asked in my mind.” A few days later, a family friend met him for breakfast and said, “Loren, I have a message for you. The Lord has been planting the idea in my mind that someone should start a school in Switzerland. Last night He told me you are to be the one….” He continued “that the school was to have an international student body and visiting teachers…. ‘Loren, I’m just a channel to pass this message on to you.’… We landed in Geneva in April [1967] … We made arrangements for a facility in a town outside Lausanne and returned to the States….”

Thus, allegedly, was born YWAM’s “Discipleship Training School” world headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

From the Swiss base, YWAM moved across the border into Bavaria, Germany. YWAM bought a castle at Hurlach, formerly owned by the Fuggers, a feudal-nobility banking family whose undead 20th-Century members sponsored Frank Buchman’s Swiss and German intrigues.2>fu2 Youth With A Mission stuffed 1,000 young followers into this Hurlach castle operational base, for a recruiting assault on the 1972 Munich Olympics, a rerun of Buchman’s 1936 glory days in Berlin.

The New Order Makes Breakfast

The National Prayer Breakfast, immediate predecessor of Youth With A Mission within the Buchman initiative, had its origin in the same Manhattan building, Calvary Church, where Frank Buchman gave his notorious 1936 newspaper interview.

That Episcopal church was the American headquarters for Buchman’s “Oxford Group” as it was then known, and the Calvary rector, Rev. Sam Shoemaker, was the national spokesman for Buchman. When Buchman was hit with increasing criticism for his praise of fascism as God’s instrument, he changed the name of the movement to Moral Rearmament, and his nervous American representatives rushed to get a Buchmanite para-church agency attached to the government in Washington.

The principal agents in this venture[3] were:

Longtime Buchman spokesman Rev. Sam Shoemaker;

Mrs. Marian Johnson, a high-society American and fanatical Anglophile, intimate on a family basis with the British Ambassador to Washington (1938-40), Lord Lothian, head of the financiers’ “Round Table” faction promoting Hitler; Mrs. Johnson oversaw much of the fundraising for the Buchman movement;

Abraham Vereide, a Norwegian immigrant and Buchman apostle specializing in capturing the minds of the wealthy and the powerful. He claimed to have converted the former Nazi SS officer, Netherlands’ Prince Bernhard, to Christ, and he and Frank Buchman together secured official Dutch Royal Family sponsorship for the Prayer Breakfast movement;

Col. Sir Vivian Gabriel, a British intelligence officer serving as Air Attaché with the British Embassy, who opened doors for Vereide and the others inside Washington;

H. Alexander Smith, the main American lieutenant of Frank Buchman, and father-in-law of Reverend Shoemaker. Smith later represented New Jersey in the U.S. Senate, and cemented the Prayer Breakfast, under covert “Fellowship” leadership, into place as a private institution in the U.S. Congress. On June 2, 1941, a year after the Nazi conquest of France, Smith drafted for the Foreign Policy Association a proposal that Hitler should be allowed to rule over and reform Europe—the so-called New Order—while the United States and Britain should jointly rule the rest of the world.

The Hitler-Haunted House on C Street

The existence of a covert Hitlerite organization (called simply “The Fellowship,” or “The Family”) wielding considerable power through the 1980s’ Conservative Revolution, was brought before the public in the March 2003 issue of Harper’s magazine (article entitled “Jesus Plus Nothing”).

Reporter Jeffrey Sharlet infiltrated The Fellowship. He quoted the leader, Vereide’s successor Douglas Coe, and the group’s private memos: “Coe listed other men who had changed the world through the strength of the covenants they had forged with their brothers: Look at Hitler, he said. Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Bin Laden…. A document called Thoughts on a Core Group explains that Communists use cells as their basic structure. The mafia operates like this, and the basic unit of the Marine Corps is the four man squad. Hitler, Lenin, and many others understood the power of a small core of people…. [Coe called for] ‘total unity. Two, or three, become one…. It’s called a covenant. Two, or three, agree? They can do anything. A covenant is … powerful. Can you think of anyone who made a covenant with his friends? … Hitler. Yes,’ Doug said. ‘Yes, Hitler made a covenant. The Mafia makes a covenant. It is such a very powerful thing. Two, or three, agree.’ “

The repeated message, that barbaric and evil power becomes good when Jesus controls it, was delivered to the residents, a captive audience of the cult, “at the Family’s four-story, red brick Washington town house, … at 133 C Street S.E.,” just around the corner from the Congressional office buildings. At the time of the Harper’s article, “Eight congressmen, including Senator Ensign and seven representatives lived there….”

In 1985, Congressman Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), then in his first term, was a terrible drunk, his life crashing. The Fellowship/Prayer Breakfast organization took him under its protection and brainwashing regime, as it did with key personnel in the military and elsewhere, a network of far-right intrigue throughout government.

But in the 1980s, the Fellowship was unknown to the public. What then was the official name of the organization running this nightmare on C Street? It was Youth With A Mission.

EIR’s interviews with former YWAM staff members have allowed us a glimpse at the internal operation of the group. The 133 C Street house, the Washington headquarters for Youth With A Mission, was headed by Ron Boehme (pronounced “Baymie”). The program in the 1980s was precisely that described in the 2003 Harper’s article, capturing control of Congress and government, using Buchman’s pagan-oracle “talks with God,” etc.

As it happens, this same Ron Boehme, now a YWAM leader in Washington State, is as of the time of this writing, a candidate for state legislature (26th District, Kitsap County) in the Republican primary to be held Sept. 19.

Interviewed by a local publication, candidate Boehme, boasting of his former importance, spoke somewhat openly about the arrangements over the past quarter century at 133 C Street S.E., Washington.

Speaking of himself in the third person, he said “Ron joined Youth With A Mission—one of the world’s largest youth/service organizations. YWAM has 11,000 full-time staff and 25,000 short-term workers that serve in 140 nations around the world…. Ron has founded Youth With A Mission centers in Washington D.C., Virginia, and the state of Washington…. He served in Washington, D.C. during the Reagan Revolution, and started a center on Capitol Hill in 1980 that continues to this day and houses 2% of the U.S. Congress (its first resident being Congressman Steve Largent).”[4]

Reporting to London

The international chairman of Youth With A Mission is now Lynn Green, who is also the head of YWAM in England. On Aug. 7, as the group’s hoax 9/11 docudrama was getting set to air on ABC, director David Cunningham spoke about the project at a meeting at YWAM’s International Chairman’s headquarters in Harpenden, England.

Now that the blow has been struck, and 13 million Americans saw the Clinton Administration portrayed on the program as responsible for the 9/11 attack, jubilant YWAM Chairman Lynn Green is preparing his own report. On Oct. 5, Green will be the featured speaker at the 2006 “City Prayer Breakfast.” This is the inner core of the Buchman/Fellowship/Prayer Breakfast initiative: leading private bankers from the City of London financial district, and their allies within the British government and military establishment, a faction using theocratic intrigues for fascism, permanent war, and world empire.

 By Anton Chaitkin, Axis of YWAM

Despite ample evidences, ReligiousTolerance.org Lies

ReligiousTolerance.Org  is a website dedicated to “clarifying” misunderstandings among religious groups. They have a lot of information on each religion and cult (information of which I’m skeptical). Their main purpose is to unite religions or create a (false) tolerance among fanatics. I haven’t studied the entire site because I’m really not looking to get misled. They claim to consist of a team with each member belonging to a particular religious group; they all deal with questions concerning their respective beliefs. After reading a particular argument I’m highly skeptical of them; but the more I read the more lies I find! And blatant ones too! In fact I would say they are Freemasons (Illuminati) themselves. (One can belong to a particular religious group and still be a Freemason.) Freemasons believe that all religions are equal, whether Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Satanism etc.

Masons have mixed idolatry, paganism, the occult, Gnosticism, Kabala, fertility cults, Satanism, spiritualism, demonology, and put it into a blender and come up with the Masonic religion…
One main difference between Freemasonry and Christianity is that Christianity holds that Jesus is everything, while Masonry teaches that He is nothing, equal to pagan gods such as Allah and those taught by Buddha. – http://www.bibleprobe.com/freemasonry.htm

So coming back to the argument: in the New Age Spirituality section they have claimed that “Some conservative Christians believe that a massive, underground, highly coordinated New Age organization (The Illuminati) exists that is infiltrating government, media, schools and churches. No such entity exists.” Really??? What about the Rothschild; the Bilderburg; the Rockefeller?? And skull and bones secret society? I’m shocked at their blatant lie! There’s more than enough evidences pointing towards this “organization” owning the government, the media, education and churches. Do people actually blindly believe this lie? It’s like turning a blind to something that’s right under your nose! Although I am taken back by their bluntness, I’d be more shocked if people actually believe this trash without researching for themselves! The team at RT.org is obviously trying to cover up the conspicuous truth – an obvious DECEPTION to unite religions to bring about the global religion of the Anti-Christ.

Who Are The Globalists?

Simply put, the globalist movement is an alliance based on self-interest of the private international financiers and the royal, dynastic and hereditary land owning families of Britain, Europe and America which over the years have intermarried to create a self regenerating power structure that through lies and deception seeks to control everything and everyone on earth. Through their control of the ability to create money, they are able to exercise control over all the power centers of society including the corporations, the media, culture creation, the educational system, the historical societies, the political system, the military, religion, foundations and other NGOs, medicine, and law. Over time they have extended their network of control to include elites from countries all over the world working towards the same end.

Their structure has been illustrated in a variety of different ways by different researchers.


But of course its never a simple matter. Many of those involved are not privy to the inner workings and aims of the core group, rather they think they have power but in reality only play their part as unwitting dupes to enact the real aims of the elites at the heart of the movement. Think of it as rings within rings within rings with only those at the very center understandings its true aims and intent.

Long time researcher into the globalists, their roots and agenda, is G. Edward Griffin. His presentation given at the University of Texas on April 29, 2008 titled “The Quigley Formula – A Conspiratorial View of History as Explained by the Conspirators Themselves” provides a valuable insight into the elite’s plan for continued domination. This discussion is by no means the end all be all in understanding the elite but is a necessary and vital primer on the history and goals of the elite.

Of course, it is important to recognize that this conspiracy of the elite at war with the public is nothing new. In fact, it is thousands of years old. The elite have always sought to advance themselves and enslave the people whom they rule. Sadly, today is no different in that respect.

There are, however, a number of very important distinctions between now and then. First, they are much better organized today than they have been in the past as you shall discover. Second, they have and are using advanced psychological/propaganda techniques which they are applying through the mass media (culture creation – TV, radio, video games, music, fashion) and the educational system. Third, the elite now have an arsenal of technology far more advanced than they tell the general public that they are using covertly and will use more overtly in the future to attempt to ensure their dominance. And fourth and finally, given the psychological and technological means and methods at their disposal as they now seek their utopia which, if we don’t stop them, will result in the complete enslavement of humanity over the coming decades once and for all (at least for those of us who unlike them have a conscience). If they are successful, there will be no turning back as they will eliminate those who do not serve them and the state and replace us with new improved genetically engineered servants.

To fully recognize who they are and what their goals are requires an extensive study of history and everyone is encouraged to read their books and do your own research on all topics discussed. On this website we seek to expose them by referencing their own works and those of tireless researchers over the past several decades so that you might come to understand more fully the world in which you live and that you might come to break the conditioning provided by these social engineers and envision for yourself a very different possible world.

(Source: http://globalistagenda.org/who.htm)

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