Nuclear Reactors Intentionally Built on Faultline

The Fukushima nuclear reactors were constructed in 2001. So not so long back. In other words, the technology was advanced enough to locate the fault line; should an earthquake happen it was overt enough to the engineers and geologists that that wasn’t the ideal location for NUCLEAR REACTORS!

So then, WHY WERE THE REACTORS BUILT ON THE FAULTLINE when the superminds very well knew it would be hazardous to the global populace, and esp. the Japanese and its nearby and not so nearby countries.

My sensible guess would be that the Elites are involved. Destruction of the nuclear reactors would inevitably lead to the death of thousands and affect the posterity of those who survive it. After all, these Elites are the masterminds behind EUGENICS – they want to eliminate about 80% of the global population, keeping alive only those who will tend their purposes. I can think of no other reason as to why these reactors were intentionally built on a faultline despite advance geological technology. Why else would corporate media ignore the astronomical radiation levels??


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