YWAM’s School of (Worldly) Music in (Compromised)Missions

School of Music in Missions (SOMM) is  a discipleship based training school that trains musicians in the areas of Christian character, contemporary Christian music, music performance, missions, and other topics as well. The SOMM should not be the first step into music ministry, but could be the “next” step for those who desire to use their musical gifts in missions. (YWAM Perth)

I did the SOMM in India. We had students with amazing talents and skills to perform. They were seriously dedicated and hardcore musicians. Their inspiration? Secular music! We were constantly encouraged to listen to secular musicians and “learn” from them. We were brainwashed into believing that there’s no difference between secular and Christian music. (Contemporary christian music is inspired by secular artists.) This is true since CCM is an offshoot of secular music. Students were encouraged to “be themselves”, which meant they could get tattooed, piercings etc. It was pure worldliness in Christian clothing. Me being naive and undiscerned, got pulled in with all that. God was only approached to meet our agenda.

YWAM celebrates “Christian” rock. They used to hold a rock concert where CHRISTIANS would act like pagan worshippers banging their heads (I stand guilty) and the singer ripping out this throat while the guitarists would go on screeching. It was madness! (You’d be called names if you spoke evil of it…) And after the event everyone will be “feeling so good letting it out”! I wish I could go back and stand against this compromise. YWAM has intentionally overlooked the serious consequences of bridging the sacred and the secular. It is a mind-controlling organization, convincing anyone that it is unbiblical to distinguish the sacred from the secular.

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