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Christian rock = Secular rock under a VERY deceptive guise

Is this the “Christian”¬†idea of being RELEVANT?
The LORD abhors it. In the name of ‘Christianity’ His name is being blasphemed by the very people who call themselves by the name of Christ! Do the artists themselves seem convicted by the Gospel?? I think not! Let your light shine before men by your lifestyle. I’ve often discussed with friends whether a certain band is Christian or not (because they seem to be both!); anything that confuses us between belonging to God or otherwise – it’s always not of God when the need to clarify arises.


You and your family are being prepared for the culture of death

Not to forget death portrayed on accessories,¬†tattoos, children’s stickers, computer games. The list is endless.

Should we rock the Gospel? 2of2

Should we Rock The Gospel? P1 1 of 2

“The last fifty years has produced a violent revolution in music form and culture, such that the generations are hardly able to sit in the same worship service together. Is this the way culture is supposed to develop – each generation rebelling against the previous generation?

Kevin Swanson interviews Dan Lucarini, author of the book, ‘Why I left the Modern Contemporary Christian Music Movement’. Does Rock & Roll belong in the worship service? What is the best music to convey a reverence and fear of God in His worship? These are the questions grappled with on this segment of Generations.”

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