Clarifying contradiction…

I may have sounded contradictory in my two post: Lose the mind of the world or lose your soul and “Going green” : A distraction from what really matters. In the first I had said that saving the mind of the world is not the Gospel, while in the other one I mentioned depravity of the human mind as being a serious issue. To clarify, I was making a point of the severity of the moral depravity as compared to saving nature (by which my intention was not to sound as if this mindset should be altered by humans themselves). The human mind cannot be “won” by manipulating its worldview for the betterment of society. Even if someone did address the UN regarding moral depravity the UN wouldn’t care less. Only living by the Word of God can a person live a pure life; it is through the knowledge of God’s holiness can a person begin to live a chaste life. It is only by His holy Spirit are we convicted to do what is right and refrain from doing that which is evil.


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