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Clarifying contradiction…

I may have sounded contradictory in my two post: Lose the mind of the world or lose your soul and “Going green” : A distraction from what really matters. In the first I had said that saving the mind of the world is not the Gospel, while in the other one I mentioned depravity of the human mind as being a serious issue. To clarify, I was making a point of the severity of the moral depravity as compared to saving nature (by which my intention was not to sound as if this mindset should be altered by humans themselves). The human mind cannot be “won” by manipulating its worldview for the betterment of society. Even if someone did address the UN regarding moral depravity the UN wouldn’t care less. Only living by the Word of God can a person live a pure life; it is through the knowledge of God’s holiness can a person begin to live a chaste life. It is only by His holy Spirit are we convicted to do what is right and refrain from doing that which is evil.


“Going green” : A sinister distraction from what really matters

Beware lest any [man] spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.
– Colossians 2:8


A 12-year-old Severn Suzuki shared her concerns for the degrading ecological/environmental issues at a UN conference  in 1992. She raised her own funds to fly to the UN, and has thus awed many by her audacity and convictions for the environment and the future generations at such a young age. I myself was wowed by her boldness to share with such authority at the UN!

However, despite my appreciation for her, I do not fully support her convictions, they have been misled. It’s evident that since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th-19th century the environmental hazards have increased and in the recent years, skyrocketed. It is possible that certain species may even go extinct in the next 20 years, I’m not certain. But thousands of species have gone extinct over centuries, some because of human intervention while some due to natural causes. (For one thing, the evolutionists really shouldn’t be worrying about extinction of species as according to them nature will produce other species.) Millions starve to death in the developing nations while the rich die from obesity. What an unfair world we live in! Despite efforts, the poverty will never be eliminated (we are still to do good to them).

I agree that we are not to abuse the earth and the environment but here’s the real concern, a hundred times more serious than the environment: the depraved human mind. Since the era of the 1960’s the human mind has been plunging in wickedness and rebellion. Every kind of sin and evil act is now beginning to be accepted and approved! Should this not be a greater concern? If you have the slightest idea, have you ever realised that sexual immorality rules the world? It’s everywhere: in songs, movies, TV commercials (even if it’s about a toothpaste!), even in schools, in classrooms! Sex sells. Then there’s rebellion; kids don’t want to listen to their parents, and the media upholds such attitude. Homosexuals, abortions and pedophiles are defended! Little children are taught sex under the guise of “sex education“. Parents are not given the chance to warn their children against this reprobate act. Parents themselves can’t even look after their own marriages. And you care about the environment?

Saving the environment does not give you credit for anything, except self-pride of having done a “good” deed. Funny how people can be so aggressive when it comes to saving the environment but no one dares to speak against the depravity of the human mind, and if they do they are seen as hate-criminals. Mankind is seriously lost – caring for that which will be destroyed, and mocking the furious wrath of God which they will face in the lake of fire for all eternity. Where will your boasting of hugging a tree be then? The earth is the Lord’s, He knows how to take care of it. We are responsible for our souls as the time of the LORD’s return draws nearer, the devil knows his days are numbered, and he will do his best to distract the world from what really matters.

So my question to Severn Suzuki (and anyone else who shares her convictions strongly) is this: would you rather distress yourself if your children didn’t get to see certain species? Are you even slightly worried about the rise in the demoralization of youth? Prostitution? Abortion? Pedophiles? Homosexuals? Child trafficking? Commercialization of illicit sex? Are you even concerned that your children would be victims of sexual abuse and their abusers defended? Or your children becoming sexually involved at the age of 12? If you are, you would have been just as straightforward and fearless, and much more, in addressing such serious issues at the UN.

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