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What’s with women and apples?

A picture depicting the apple as poisonous

Twilight’s front cover
Apple brand logo





Marty is Kenneth and Gloria Copeland's daughter


A picture of a 'Christian' nutrition Bible studySnow White

Despite the fact that the Bible does not specify the fruit which the Lord God had forbidden Adam to eat, the apple has always used to depict the fruit since time immemorial. It was the woman who was enticed by the serpent to sin against the holy God by eating the fruit, and went on to give also to her husband (Gen 3:1-6). Women holding/offering/biting an apple is a symbol in itself. Breaking it down further:
  • The apple portrays the forbidden fruit and represents disobedience and rebellion to God.
  • A woman holding/offering an apple represents allurement, lust, temptation, sin, immorality, don’t-go-there and is always anti-God.
  • An apple which has been bitten off represents the same.

Do I mean that all apples represent lust and rebellion? Not at all, apples are fruits created by God for mankind to munch on, plus the apple is not even a biblical icon of sin because nowhere is it recorded that the forbidden fruit was an apple. But it takes discernment. It’s all about symbolism. Take Desperate Housewives for example, this “comedy” show is filled with every kind of immorality. With that in mind, what would be the logical reason for these women to hold apples in their hands? (Remember it’s all about symbolism.) The opening theme of the show involves a parody of the story of Eve, complete with the garden, forbidden fruit and the lurking snake. There is also a sage advice from one character to another that, “You’re a woman, manipulate him, that’s what we do”!

I fed “holding apple” in Google image search and 99% of the images had women holding apples. Why is it rare for men to be shown holding an apple? See the connection? There is an ominous use of this symbolism.  If I merely took a photo of my sister eating an apple is not considered symbolistic as I’m not trying to convey a message to my viewers. It’s only a photo. But if this symbol is used on books, advertisements, brands, movies etc it definitely conveys a subliminal message to its audience, a message which can be taken as a warning that the material contains that which will cause us to sin against our God! Be it Twilight [a love story between a human and a vampire (demon)], Snow White, a Christian dietary Bible study (scam) or whatever, the symbol itself speaks that which words do not.

Satan always marks his territory with his symbols. The occult is full of symbolism. Let us therefore be on our guard always, never taking the battle for our souls lightly. When we know we’re walking on Satan’s territory, leave that book, movie, show etc and run back to Christ our Lord. We must tune our thoughts according to His Word! Satan does not give us “free will”.


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