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YWAM exposed- Shocking!!

So it is said that Loren Cunningham and Bill Bright suddenly wake up one day with a “God-given” dream of transforming the world by redeeming the 7 spheres of society. But why would they get a God-driven dream when it’s not in the Bible? Does God work outside His Word? Here’s an interesting passage: ‘At its most extreme, hardcore Dominionists believe that Jesus either will not or can not return until Christians complete this task. This is not scriptural, and because it makes God subject to our actions, it is heretical. a YWAMer hailling the nations (NWO)

The problem is that these “seven mountains” are not identified anywhere in the Bible. The concept was created by Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade, and Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With a Mission, during a lunch meeting in 1975.  And this is where the rubber begins to meet the road.

Youth With a Mission is connected to a secretive (1) group called The Family, or The Fellowship, which has walked the halls of power around the world for decades. It traces its history back 75 years to a preacher named Abraham Vereide, who’d had a revelation that his mission field was to be men with the means to literally seize the world “for God.”
In 2009, when South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford publicly confessed his marital infidelity, he mentioned that he’d turned to the C Street House for counseling. C Street is owned by Youth With a Mission and operated by The Family. The four-story red brick townhouse at 133 C Street S.E. provides housing to a number of congressmen and senators in D.C. at rents far below market rates. They hold regular Bible studies and discuss ways to use their power for Christ.

The key word in that sentence is power. Family leader Doug Coe has offered up Hitler, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, and the Mafia as examples of men who knew how to use power well.

The Family isn’t some fringe cult group. It has organized the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington every year since the Eisenhower administration. Seats at the breakfast are sold to world leaders in politics and business (2), offering them invaluable face time with the president of the United States and his closest advisers. Coe has claimed that The Family has access through American embassies that allows his operatives “to move practically anywhere”.

And while The Family works behind the scenes (3), directing politicians in the campaign to retake the 7 Mountains of Influence, a growing movement within evangelical Christianity is building support for the assault among the rank-and-file. Millions of American Christians have been convinced that our nation’s spiritual malaise can be corrected through politics. Just elect the right people and appoint the right justices to the Supreme Court, we’re told, and we can stem the moral decay of the last fifty years. The appealing fantasy of returning America to the ways of our saintly founding fathers has blinded us to the fact that Jesus never called us to political action to achieve spiritual goals.’

I see a crystal clear relationship of The Family with the Rothschild/Illuminati agenda. The only difference being that The Family uses Christian-sounding words to entices Christians, words such as redeem, transform, God, justice, love and so on. A discerning believer can easily make out that the agenda behind this organisation is physical conformity to the political leaders rather than spiritual conformity to the Bible.

A few similarities I found between the Illuminati and Family:
(1) Both maintain secrecy: The Family/Fellowship hides behind the “Christian” coating of  ‘don’t show off your good works’.  (I will be doing a detailed work in comparing the two soon.) While the Illuminati hide behind, well, their agenda of wanting to create a new world of which they will be the rulers. ( The Illuminati comprises of the few Elites who follow the religion of Freemasonry, a HIGHLY secretive society that worships Lucifer and are deeply involved in occultism.)

(2)  Both dialogue with the world leaders in politics and business: There is a slight twist in this – the leading politicians and businessmen are freemasons themselves, i.e. part of the Illuminati. The Family claims to hold “National Prayer Breakfast” for these top notches of the world! I’m super skeptical about who is being prayed to at this event.  But one thing I’m sure, it’s not to the God of the Bible.

(3) Both carry out their agendas behind the scenes. They are professional puppeteers! Certain men are elected before the public, but there’s more to that man than the eye can see and the mind perceive. Take Obama (and the other US presidents) for example, he doesn’t govern the US according to his wisdom, it is not according to his initiation that he is going around making peace, but rather according to those who ‘work behind the scenes’ to bring about their agenda of the NWO.

Having a peek into the background of YWAM, I was unsure as there was no proof of YWAM being one with The Family/Fellowship. So I searched further and I came across this shocking article.  I didn’t know what to think, I was shaken because I was actually brainwashed by YWAM into following their dominionistic agenda. The truth is setting me free daily!


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