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A shocking “Christian” review of ‘Burlesque’, the movie

Here’s a Christian review of the new movie Burlesque. Bearing in mind that this is a review from a Christian’s perspective, let’s break it down to see how biblical the review itself is. (Burlesque defined)

My first reaction was that of skepticism. Nowhere does it discourage Christians from viewing it! This movie is filled with nudity, sexuality, homosexuality, alcohol and other things (mentioned at the end of the article). The movie is rated PG-13 by the movie-makes, and also by the Christian author! A 13-year old Christian is allowed to watch such offensive, unbiblically themed movie??? (As it is, I’m rather shocked that the movie producers themselves have rated it as PG 13; 5 years ago this would’ve been rated as PG-18!) And not only that, a Christian website is promoting the movie:

Burlesque is best seen on a big screen (enjoy the immorality on a large screen, don’t miss out on the details…), which suits its larger-than-life ambitions, but the story arc is nothing new. Although it works on the most basic level—we root for Tess to find a way to keep the club open, thanks to Ali’s talent—it won’t surprise anyone older than a teenager (and many of them will see the story’s developments coming a mile away). The film’s strength is as a visual extravaganza, but that comes with a major caveat: The dance routines are sexually suggestive and the dancers’ outfits quite revealing. The film is rated PG-13, not R, but viewers should go in expecting to see a lot of skin. Burlesque celebrates determination, grit and a belief in one’s own talents and abilities (forget the Holy Ghost!). However, it’s also nonjudgmental about all behaviors except Nikki’s taste for the bottle. No other positive moral lessons are to be drawn from Burlesque. It’s all song and dance, spectacle and camp, and one more memorable role for Cher. It’s she, not Aguilera, who anchors Burlesque and reminds us that some singers can be as effective on-screen as they are on stage.”

I have a big problem with the above paragraph. The writer seems to be promoting the movie despite his weak efforts in mentioning its profanity (it’s more out of a formality that he does). This movie is PG-13, what kind of morals are being fed to the kids? (Yes, a 13-year-old teen is still a kid!) Granted, this review is probably a neutral one, an informative one rather than an analysis from a biblical point of view… In that case, what is it doing on a Christian site? Are Christians not responsible for dividing the godly from the ungodly? Isn’t that what God expects from us? Or are we to merely inform our brothers and sisters and let them decide for themselves at their own risks? Keep in mind that the majority watching this movie are (Christian) teens! Does God not expect us to look after His little ones? It is wrong for a Christian to write a neutral review on a movie (and any thing else) that celebrates immorality in every form! It is an offense to the Lord.


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