Dreaming of a Pagan Christmas?

Who doesn’t look forward to Christmas? Apart from those who dislike shopping and organising get-together – I don’t blame them! I mean Christmas is literally idolized, both by Christians and their counterparts. Shopping, discounts, lavish spending, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, decorations, gluttony, drinking, making merry, reveling are all part of Christmas celebrations. And it’s done rightly so! 25th of December is day of a pagan festival which the Roman Catholicism “converted” it to Christ-mass centuries ago.

Christmas has its origins in a heathen festival which predates the birth of Jesus. Logically, the 25th of December would have been unbearably cold for the shepherds to be out watching their flocks by night; it would’ve been too cold for infant Jesus to be born then; too cold for the Magi to be traveling all the way from the East.  The Roman pagans revelled on this date as it was the birthday of a sun-god, Mithras/Saturn. The trees, the decorations, Santa Claus have nothing to do with Christ; these are all incorporated by the secular Christians of the old. The Romans must have celebrated their festival the way this heathen festival is celebrated today, the way it’s so overrated!

Nowhere in the Bible (the NT) is the festival of Christmas mentioned; neither did the Apostles or the early Church celebrate it, neither did God command that the day of the birth of His Son be observed.  Here’s a detailed write-up:


 No wonder the US has substituted ‘merry Christmas” to ‘happy holidays’! It’s not about Christ anyway; and they’re right in changing the term, at least all the sins committed on the 25th Dec is not done under the name of Christ. If Christmas was really biblical, the government would’ve banned it altogether instead of just changing the name! Am I killing the fun?  Is Christ glorified while you have your “fun”? (Mentioning the same Bible story year after year isn’t glorifying Christ, because it’s done out of ritual and formality.) Let us rather prepare our spirits to receive Him when He comes again not as a helpless babe but as the mighty King of kings, full of power and glory.  


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