Canada to decriminalise polygamy… What’s next!?

Checked Facebook tonight and found the latest BBC update on polygamy in Canada. Was surprised to know Canadians practised it as it’s usually done so among the Muslims; didn’t know Mormons follow the same. What came as a little wonder was the fact that now “they” are planning on legalizing polygamy – another strategy to obliterate the biblical conviction of right and wrong within marriage. 
The LGBT has been ticked off on the to-do list, now it’s time for plural marriages. Every act that was once considered a sin are being accepted and legalised openly rapidly. I can’t imagine what life would be like 5 years from now! There will be no judgment, no sense of morality, no respect of anything, false tolerance of every sin; and it is in such conditions that we will be called to live a pure, godly life! May the Lord give His remnant double strength to face the hatred!!

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