Ancient Babel and the New EU

The EU is working towards the New World Order (NWO), and it’s almost here! Is the NWO a recent concept? Why is the EU headquarters designed similar to that of the painting of the Tower of Babel? What’s the significance? The tower (ziggurat) was built by Nimrod as a defiance to the LORD God.  So what’s that got to do with the EU and the NWO? Well Nimrod wanted to establish a kingdom of his own without God in the way; a kingdom of one language, one religion, one government, one king! Does this not sound similar to the global government, global religion, global currency, global peace mentioned so often today? Those who oppose this global mentality is considered a terrorist. The only group of people who will stand against this global ruler (ie the anti-christ) are God’s elect, the people belonging to the very God Nimrod tried to defeat! God destroyed Nimrod’s one world then, and He will do the same again (after being established for a while). 


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