Jesus/Yeshua and Isa of Islam are not the same

Christians often mistake ‘Isa’ as an Arabic/Islamic equivalent to Jesus of the Bible. But this is deceptive, for when a Muslim says that Isa is the same as Jesus of the Bible, they lie. And when a Christian says Jesus is the same as Isa of the Koran, they lie too. Let me explain:

Isa of the Koran is the greatest prophet according to Islam. However, this Isa is not the Son of God, nor did he preach the Kingdom of God, neither was he crucified but instead taken up into heaven before the crucifixion. Even Messianic Arabs don’t believe Isa to be the same as Jesus/Yeshua.

So when a Christian shares the Gospel to a Muslim using ‘Isa’ instead of ‘Jesus’ or ‘Yeshua’ to talk about Jesus Christ, to a Muslim it will make no sense because to him Isa is the greatest prophet and not the Son of God who came to reconcile man to God and to save sinners from the lake of fire. When Obama was inaugurated president, Rick Warren concluded his prayer in the name of “Jesus, Isa..”. This was to mainly please the Muslim population of the US (since he’s so bent on unifying Christians and Muslims, all for the sake of peace and the NWO). If Jesus and Isa were the same person he did not need to pop Isa’s name in his prayer, but he does in order to please the Islamists (plus he knows Jesus and Isa are different).

So when you encounter a Muslim and happen to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, do not fall into their lies when they say ‘Isa’ is the Arabic of ‘Jesus’. Preach the Gospel by speaking the name of Jesus Christ or Yeshua as these 2 names refer to the same person because both refer to the Son of God who proclaimed God’s kingdom, who came to seek and save the lost, who was crucified and raised from the dead defeating the devil and death, and who alone is the LORD (and not a prophet)!


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