Intentional or accidental? You decide.


Notice the symbol on the Witch’s book and on the so-called Christian metal band P.O.D. Symbols rule the world, as Confucius rightly had once said, “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws”! When a heathen had enough sense to know that symbols play a decisive role in marking territory, why do Christians argue otherwise? Or is it that Christians think that Christ will protect them? Did Christ give us the liberty to indulge ourselves with Satan’s entertainment? Have we made Christ to be our bodyguard while we meddle with His enemy? Have we no responsibility at all? What is of the devil’s remains his; what is of Christ’s He has redeemed, and set apart as holy, separated from what is Satan’s. We have not been bought with the blood of the Son of God to enter the enemy territory for fulfilment of our carnal desires.

Saints, be not foolish in your faith assuming that the devil cannot influence you – that itself is his lie, and many have believed it! We are constantly warned to stay awake, alert because our enemy has not given up to steal kill and destroy us. We must discern the boundary line between the Light and darkness, good and evil, white and black, Christ and Satan.

(I strongly advise any rock/metal lover to research on what this “genre” of music is really about, its history and who owns it! I never speak of my own without doing a fair amount of research by the guidance of the Holy Ghost and God’s Word on any given topic.)


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