The Mp3 Experiment- Deceiving masses through Mind-control

This seems like innocent fun, but it only seems! Mind-control of the masses is what One-World Govt. activists are after. There experiment is succesful; no one seems the harm in doing what everybody else is doing – regardless of religious beliefs! I won’t be surprised if Christians are involved in this mind-controlling experiment!

Notice how the music is omnious-sounding as well as the voice! So once masses are desensitised to the danger of hypnotic mind control, this ‘innocent’ fun will be used against humans to turn them into robots who will not have minds of their own any longer, this will allow the authorities to rule over them.  If the anti-Christ commands the population to go and kill all Bible-beliving Christians who will not conform to his rule, his command will be  executed unanimously!


“My name is Steve, and I’ll be your “omnipotent” voice today….”

 ’Over 2, 000 participated on Roosevelt Island in New York City. A game of inflatable bats vs. hammer ended with everyone teaming up against the “lone wolf”.’ (Violence through mind control – successful!)


‘This year The Mp3 Experiment went out on its first tour, hitting Toronto, San Francisco and Chicago in addition to NY City. Participants engaged in a Revolutionary War style battle using balloons as weapons and created a massive canopy with umbrellas. The NY event had over 1, 000 participants….’ (Violence through mind control – tested!)

For more info on the Mp3 Experiment:


2 responses to “The Mp3 Experiment- Deceiving masses through Mind-control

  • Guillermo

    Hello, I’ve just seen some videos on youtube about this flashmob things, and I inmediatelly thought the mind control of masses, and the NWO. Good to see I’m not the only one, as i found your post, even lot of crap about it on the google search. Im christian too, and I am warning my brothers and sisters as much as I can. Masses have been brain washed for decades, seem men have forgotten what mean some signs. We are living in TeenLand… Greetings from Argentina, God bless you!!

  • Peculiar Voice

    Thanks for the uplifting comment! Yes, we are living in TEENLAND! There is so much deception out there; sadly Christians are blinded by these deceptions — they only care about having fun. Our God has not called us to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of this world.
    We His Church are to enjoy life in Christ by living according to His standards; we are a peculiar people, a holy nation, a royal priesthood! He alone is the TRUTH. Continue to encourage and warn the Church! The Lord bless your good work.

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