Religion of the Youth Culture

Every culture is based on a religion. Every religion is based on a belief in a certain higher entity by which a certain worldview is formed. Individual as well as community values are based on this worldview.  The culture of Christians is based on the Bible, the culture Hindus is based on their Vedas, the Islamic culture according to Koran, Buddhism according to the teachings of Buddha, and so on. There is yet a culture whose religion has never been pin-pointed. Recently I had a thought and it makes perfect sense: a thought regarding the culture of the youth. How did this culture begin? What has influenced this culture so immensely?  The Counterculture Movement of the 60s led to a definite moral decline, and this decline has continued until today.  It’s the religion of youth that has brought about such a depraved culture, and this is the religion of rock (and roll).

 Rock has played a gigantic role in forming the mindset of the young.  It has manipulated them in order to conform them to the mind of rock.  This religion of rock does not preach or write books, it plays music and uses lyrics!  The roots of rock grow deep into the occult; the occultists are the ones behind the initiation of such music and hence the immoral culture. Knowingly or unknowingly, rock albums, artists, lyrics all uphold Satanism and the occult with their symbols and signs. (And Christians are such wannabes in creating ‘christian’ rock with the excuse of reaching to the rock-lovers, when they themselves are addicted to this type of music.) Every rock-lover is addicted to rock music; the heavier and darker the music, the higher their emotions escalate.

It will be argued, no doubt, that signs and symbols don’t mean anything as long as one does not take them seriously or practice them. Is that really so? The devil has clearly put up signs and symbols on his property where Christians love to hang out. There’s no such things as “it won’t affect me as long as I don’t believe in it.” Ignorance is exactly what Satan wants of God’s people; “harmless” fun on Satan’s property is not harmless at all!  Foolish Christians even argue that this music of the occult music is okay! It’s as okay as dabbling in the occult for fun (as if there’s such a thing!).  Confucius once said, “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” Sad how a heathen discerned that.

 “Be sober, be watchful: your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour..” 1Pet 5:8

Church, the devil is our adversary looking for every opportunity to deceive us and lead us on the path to ungodliness, and eventually death!  And you are so easily being deceived! That is frightening!  Is it so difficult to give up the things of this world for the sake of your souls? Satan is the god of this world; he has been given a green signal for a time-being to lead souls astray.  He will make the world look fun and attractive (and many times “christian”), but the end of it is death.  Yet you argue that the music of the occult is innocent! Logically, can that be possible? Music is not neutral!  Whoever came up with such an idea was a deceiver, in order to compromise his way of life. Stand alone notes are what’s neutral, but when they are brought together and arranged to produce music, the tune that comes out is no longer neutral. Have you ever come across a night club where they play Gospel music (no lyrics) or Metal/Rock? If music is neutral then it should be okay to play any genre of music at a night club; however, the DJs at the club don’t want to lose business and they know that the appropriate music would be a slow, romantic kind.  (Now, I don’t approve of night clubs, but that was an example I could think of.)  Would you allow a three-year-old to listen to Rock music (minus the lyrics)? Or would you rather he listens to music appropriate for kids?  Hence it’s ridiculous to think that music is neutral. That’s a lie of the Deceiver in order to drive his music into churches and hence his rebellious mindset into the minds of unsuspecting Christian. How many Christian children disobey and rebel against parents when told to refrain from rock? Rock and rebellion go hand in hand.

 There has emerged a division between youth and grown ups. Youth want their way, their kind of music, their kind of sermons, their kind of clothes, their kind of gadgets, their kind of language, TV shows, etc. In the olden days, there was no distinguishing between the young and the old, everyone listened to the same sermons at church, without the young thinking highly of themselves. But (Christians on the outside, worldy from the inside)now, everything is about and for youth; no one wants to offend a youth, it is youth this youth that. The world, including Christians, has lost respect for grown ups, demanding they know better in every way, esp. the ways of God!  Growing old is seen as a curse. It is the most prevalent culture regardless of ethnicity, religion, color, education et al. The occult has penetrated the minds of the children and teens, telling them they have their own minds and do not need grown ups’ voice (parents, teachers) to tell them anything. This is the result of the religion of rock on those who follow it, non-Christians and Christian alike.

I encourage every rock fan  who claims to be a follower of Christ to do a detailed research on this genre. Rock (and Metal) was created with a very different intention, not at all for the sake of appreciating it like most there genres. May the Spirit convict you to forsake the ungodly and cling to what is of God.


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