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YWAM’s heretic theology 1: Dominionism and the global agenda

In response to Jesus’ command to go into the world and make disciples (Matt.22:37-38;28:18-20) and the need for biblical transformation of peoples and nations, the U of N Kona is called to train servant leaders in the seven spheres of society (religion, family, education, government, media,arts/entertainment and business/science). We are committed to teaching, works of evangelism and mercy ministries. We want to see this campus become a hub for both new and existing ministries, and to see our facilities filled with people passionate for reaching the lost and the needy, both here in Hawaii and into the nations of the world.
To send out thousands of men and women who value God’s love for all people, who have vision and passion for discipling nations, who are equipped with essential skills, and who demonstrate His ways in service throughout society. –  YWAM Kona

 The keywords and phrases highlighted clearly unveil YWAM’s heretic theology of DominionismMany are unaware of this approach of missions, and its hidden agenda to bring about global peace.  Some would even argue that this theology is biblical because it is about bringing peace to the world. Christ sacrifice on the cross was to bring peace and reconciliation between God and the fallen mankind, and NOT the global peace (Rom 5:1).  Please note that I do not label all missions and ministries to have the same agenda in mind, however the missions that have gone global/international definitely lean towards Dominionism, and eventually the global peace agenda.

  Knowingly or unknowingly, YWAM has accepted an unbiblical conformation and love towards culture and society. This is exactly what the unchristian youth everywhere are also being taught – to conform, to tolerate and to ‘love’. This is the only way to bring about the false world peace. While with YWAM, I have often noticed the mental change brought about in the minds of orthodox Christian youth who go through the entry-level Discipleship Training School (DTS). They are made to believe that that which their parents or their church at home may call secular/worldly is in fact godly! These new bees then observe other indoctrinated youth on campus who go around with tattoos, men with long hair, women with fitting clothes, attending rock concerts, making crude jokes etc, and these are the staff! These take up spiritual responsibility of the students as well as physical responsibilities around the bases. The students are then desensitized to worldliness. To judge such staff would be narrow-mindedness, judgmental, legalistic, orthodox Christian.  To influence the youth to accept everyone just as they are is the way to peace, to live happily with other people while doing “good” works for God.

Basically, the youth’s mission is to be puppets in the hands of the global leaders who are determined to establish God’s earthly kingdom. Young people are the easiest to manipulate, and that is exactly what’s going on. I do not say that God cannot work through certain YWAMers, He can and I believe many have been touched by the love of God through certain dedicated, Spirit-filled missionaries; however, YWAM’s global agenda still stands.


Contextualization + Compromisation = Deceptionization

Better known as syncretism. Here’s just one of the examples of how compromised evangelism is done today in order to make the Gospel known without a change in lifestyle. “For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. “Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble; every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.” 1 Cor 3: 11-13
A true convert will throw his old practises and cling to God’s Word. (Acts 19:19)

This will only increase the number of psuedo-Christians but not true disciples who will be willing to risk their lives for the sake of the Name. One of the reasons for this humanistic gospel is to allow the hearers to become Christian without facing persecution from their community. (Now, why didn’t Paul, Peter and the other apostles think of the ingenious idea!)
The other reason is that this type of gospel is easy to share and is readily received without any commotion and resistance, hence no danger of persecution to the missionary. And so they, missionaries chosen and sent by man, get a pat on their back for going into pagan nations like India and “redeeming” it for Christ. Those sending are deceived, those being sent are deceived and those who hear and accept this gospel are deceived!

Jesus/Yeshua and Isa of Islam are not the same

Christians often mistake ‘Isa’ as an Arabic/Islamic equivalent to Jesus of the Bible. But this is deceptive, for when a Muslim says that Isa is the same as Jesus of the Bible, they lie. And when a Christian says Jesus is the same as Isa of the Koran, they lie too. Let me explain:

Isa of the Koran is the greatest prophet according to Islam. However, this Isa is not the Son of God, nor did he preach the Kingdom of God, neither was he crucified but instead taken up into heaven before the crucifixion. Even Messianic Arabs don’t believe Isa to be the same as Jesus/Yeshua.

So when a Christian shares the Gospel to a Muslim using ‘Isa’ instead of ‘Jesus’ or ‘Yeshua’ to talk about Jesus Christ, to a Muslim it will make no sense because to him Isa is the greatest prophet and not the Son of God who came to reconcile man to God and to save sinners from the lake of fire. When Obama was inaugurated president, Rick Warren concluded his prayer in the name of “Jesus, Isa..”. This was to mainly please the Muslim population of the US (since he’s so bent on unifying Christians and Muslims, all for the sake of peace and the NWO). If Jesus and Isa were the same person he did not need to pop Isa’s name in his prayer, but he does in order to please the Islamists (plus he knows Jesus and Isa are different).

So when you encounter a Muslim and happen to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, do not fall into their lies when they say ‘Isa’ is the Arabic of ‘Jesus’. Preach the Gospel by speaking the name of Jesus Christ or Yeshua as these 2 names refer to the same person because both refer to the Son of God who proclaimed God’s kingdom, who came to seek and save the lost, who was crucified and raised from the dead defeating the devil and death, and who alone is the LORD (and not a prophet)!

“Christian” Rock: Syncretism welcomed in the Church

“Syncretism of the Christian gospel occurs when critical or basic elements of the gospel are replaced by religious (or contemporary) elements from the host culture. It often results from a tendency or attempt to undermine the uniqueness of the Gospel as found in the Scriptures or the incarnate Son of God. The communication of the Gospel involves the transmission of a message with supra – cultural elements between a variety of cultures. This includes the disembodiment of the message from one cultural context and the re-embodiment of it in a different cultural context.” – Billy Calderwood

Contextualization of the Gospel in order to make it “relevant” always results in syncretism, whether in a milder form or otherwise. Recently I was pondering on the video posted “Contextualization in action” (posted under ‘Doctrines’ on the blog) where the Hindus have maintained their way of worship and lifestyle but substituted the names of their gods with Jesus’. The same as been recorded to have done with other religions such as Islam, Buddhism etc. There are a couple of reasons for such a strategy:
– to make converts without offending their practices;
protection from persecution; 
– and to make the Jesus “attractive” and acceptable to the populace. 
I believe there is another reason which many Christians would deny is that such an approach is much easier and safer; beseeching the unbelievers to repent and turn their ways often requires extreme courage and boldness. 

Contextualization gives a sense of “good deed” to the missionaries who use such strategies, without serving the purpose of God. Don’t get me wrong, some of these missionaries may be well-intentioned but that does not cancel out the fact that they are deceived and hence deceiving others.

Having given a brief example of syncretism from a religious perspective, I would like to apply the same principles of such a contextualization to the culture of youth today. Pastors and youth pastors are trying to make the Gospel “relevant” to today’s culture by synchronizing the teachings of Christ with the trends of the world.  One of these trends is the Rock music. The Rock music is the base of today’s culture. Prior to the 1960s, there was much fear and respect for those in authority. However, the Counter-culture Movement brought about rebellion, feminism etc which have created havoc in the world; and Rock music has played a gigantic role in this. This genre of music has its roots in the occult, and occult is undoubtedly of Satan.  The occultists have not used the method of preaching its beliefs but rather used music to reach the masses.

Now, syncretism happens when Christians use Gospel words and add Rock music to it so as to make it “relevant” for those Rock-lovers (because Christians think they will help God out by making His way easy.)

Gospel Rock is an oxymoron; they are antagonists. It is as deceptive as telling a Hindu to have the same form of idolatry but put a sign of a cross instead of the idol and take the name of Jesus instead of his gods. Light and darkness have nothing in common, Christ and Belial have no connection! There is no agreement between God’s temple and temples of idols! The Gospel and Rock are unequally yoked.

“Listen, rock ‘n roll AIN’T CHURCH. It’s nasty business. You gotta be nasty too. If you’re goody, goody, you can’t sing or play it. . .” (Lita Ford, Los Angeles Times, August 7, 1988) Are Christians so foolish that it took an unbeliever to state the obvious??

There’s a lot more to Rock/Christian Rock which I haven’t mentioned, but please look Google and YouTube, and let your eyes be opened! A discerner will repent immediately after having researched this music of the occult.

Remain in Christ – Observing the New Covenant

In the Old Testament, when God chose Israel as His nation and set them apart from the pagan nations, He established with them His covenant with many laws and commands that was in contrast to those other nations. In the New Testament, He revealed Himself and His grace and mercy through the person of Jesus Christ, establishing His new covenant with the Jews and as well as with the Gentiles.

A covenant is defined as: an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified; a contract or agreement between two parties. Thus the Old Covenant required, of Israel, complete obedience to the Law in order for God to keep His part of being their God and sustaining them in their land. Whenever Israel adapted to the ways of the pagan, the Lord would sent His judgment upon them. The New Covenant of grace requires obedience to Christ through faith. (The Law is fulfilled in Christ as He was sinless and was completely obedient to it on behalf of the people as required by God.) So when one repents of their sins and believes in Christ and abides in Him, that person, through Christ, keeps the requirements of God:

And now, little children, abide in Him; that, when He shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before Him at His coming. 1John 2:28

Whosoever abideth in Him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen Him, neither known Him. 1 John 3:6

In order to belong to Christ, one must abide in Him, and not merely ‘ask Jesus into their lives’ and continue to live as the pagans do.  

To ‘abide’ means to:
– to remain; continue; stay
– to continue in a particular condition, attitude, relationship, etc.; last. 
– to wait for; await: to abide the coming of the Lord.
– to accept without opposition or question  

– to pay the price or penalty of; suffer for.
– to act in accord with.
– to submit to; agree to  

– to remain steadfast or faithful; keep

So when we are in Christ, we are to:
– remain and continue in Him (not get carried away by the trends of the world)
– wait in Him, not try to have our way
– accept His Lordship over us
– suffer for being in Him; the world hates those who are His
– act in accordance to Him, obey Him
– remain steadfast and faithful to Him; that means set ourselves apart from the ungodly in every way.

Often Christians think they’re saved because they had once upon a time responded to an alter-call and said a “simple” prayer, and voila! They are saved. They continue in their old ways and the ways of the world with the false assurance of salvation. Or they think that as long as they do things for God, they can be whoever they want to be, and they will please Him. The New Covenant of grace also is between 2 parties; Christians are required to keep their part of the covenant and not to take the covenant of grace for granted!

What then? shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid. Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness? Rom 6:15-16

Dear saint, please examine yourself, whether you be in the faith; prove your own self. Don’t you know your own self, how that Jesus Christ is in you, unless you are immoral? (2 Cor 13:5)
Are you conformed to the taste and fashion of the world because it’s too hard to let go? Are you giving a ‘Christian’ appearance to such things in order to justify yourself? Or are you abiding in Christ, remaining in Him?

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